Our campsite during our stay and as we were prepared to leave- taken from a large rock in our site


Stayed: May 22-25, 2015 Memorial Day Weekend

  • Bath Situation: 1 clean bathhouse with toilets and showers in the middle of the campground, free button showers, that are 30 seconds at a time of hot water in an unheated space
  • Dishwashing: Nice dish sink by bathhouse
  • Store: There is a little store with firewood
  • Power/water: No electric, water in various areas
  • Telephone/Wifi: Good ATT connectivity
  • Firepit: Stone with metal grate
  • Site base: Mostly dirt
  • Amenities: Pond to kayak, nice trails around
  • Sites: Spacious, wooded, nice rocks,  25 or 14 would be good, most are nice, the first few are tightly spaced between the lake and road


On the trail around the pond

On the trail around the pond

  • Weird: There is no alcohol allowed and signs are posted everywhere. The state police drive through for enforcement. It wasn’t clear that it was absolutely minded, but there definitely weren’t a lot of PBR cans around.
  • Camper Types: The folks who camp here seem relatively serious- fishermen and hikers. It’s mostly tents and some number of groups. We saw a few small RVs and even another teardrop. Inevitably, there were some unprepared hipsters and many people who did not have the right gear for camping in 30 degree weather.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Nearby: Mt Greylock, Natural Bridge, Mass MoCa art museum