This is our site at Kenneth Wilson with our rain setup

This is our site at Kenneth Wilson with our rain setup

Latest Stay:

July 1-3, 2017

Site: 33

This is a great site, but has a path from the bathhouse that leads people into your camp. It’s also seemingly impossible for people to figure out that there are paths that are meant to be used to get to the bathroom and that maybe it is incredibly rude to not search those out and just tramp across your site.  We stayed in this site once before and had a nice time- but that was a much less busy weekend in the fall. This is not a great site for a holiday weekend and a lot of inexperienced campers.

FullSizeRender 2Update:

For 2017, they have done a TON of work to improve this campground. The bathrooms have been repainted and new doors and floors have been put in. They really needed this freshening and it helps. There is a new kiddie play area with a cool new jungle gym. Many of the picnic tables throughout the park have been replaced with ones that are made out of solid cedar. There is lots of work being done by the pond to improve the area. The best improvement they’ve made is that there is now a good old-fashioned Good Humor ice cream truck that travels through the park around 7pm so you can run out and get an ice cream bar.


Stay Where We Started This Post:
June 6-8, 2015

  • Bath Situation: 1 bathroom in each of the three camp loops and a nice bath/showerhouse by the pond. The showers are 5-minute timed and some of the best state campground showers around. You can’t adjust the temperature, but it’s pretty good.
  • Dishwashing: There is a dishwashing facility by the recycling center- it’s not particularly convenient to the sites, which makes it easy to justify putting dirty dishes in the car and washing them in the morning. Lots of people use the water in each loop to wash, though it is strictly forbidden.
  • Store: Can buy firewood at the gate, there is no real store
  • Power/water: No electric, water in various areas
  • Telephone/Wifi: NO CONNECTIVITY at the camp or for miles in any direction- enjoy it, but plan ahead
  • Firepit: Concrete basins with backs and metal grids to grill
  • Site base: Mostly dirt and pine needles with some tree roots
  • Amenities: There is a decent short nature trail there and it is not far from good hiking and biking in surrounding areas. There is also a small pond to paddle around a bit or fish in.
  • Sites: They are spacious, wooded, with nice rocks, and some have good mountain views. Our favorite site is #9, which is a deep site that has a lot of privacy. Some of the sites are really good for groups and others are close enough that you could have people across two sites. If you have a big rig, site 20 is a good site. We’ve also stayed in 35, which is a pretty nice little site on a hill and away from most of the traffic. 33 is a great site, but it ends up with lots of people trespassing to get to the bathroom.
  • Weird: This place has bears and the park folks really try to get around the park to warn people to be careful. Some people are not, which the keep the bears coming back. The recycling building is open limited hours, which is odd for a place where they really want you to dispose of your trash. This is also why they can be strict about the dishwashing.
  • Camper Types: The folks who camp here are a mix- some are groups, some really serious campers, mostly tents and not so many RVs, but there are always a few.  There are always a handful of really inexperienced campers or some hopeful folks who thought little tiny kids would love this. It can be fun to watch.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Nearby: Woodstock, Phoenicia, the Ashokan Reservoir, Minnewaska
  • Campground Map:
Kenneth Wilson Campground Map

Kenneth Wilson Campground Map