Teardrop Trailer

first outing of the season with the Teardrop

Latest Stay: April 17-19, 2015
Site: 4

How to book: Reserve America

Where: Central Connecticut

# of sites: 34 tent and trailer sites

Camp type: CT Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection

Bath Situation: Two bathhouses that have bathrooms and shower rooms. The showers are scalding and have the 30 second push buttons. The handicap ones are much more likely to burn you.

Dishwashing: they want you to wash dishes on site, though that is nearly impossible to know without asking.

Store: Can buy firewood at the gate, there is no real store

Power/water: No electric, water in various areas

Telephone/Wifi: Very little CONNECTIVITY in this entire area- enjoy it, but plan ahead

Firepit: Metal rings and metal grids to grill

Site base: Mostly dirt and pine needles with some tree roots

Amenities: The park across the river is quite nice for hiking and picnics.

Sites: They are mostly wooded and some are along the river with access.

Weird: They do not allow anything to be tied to trees. Which means no hammock, no clothesline, no putting up a light.

Camper Types: This place seems to attract fishermen and groups of them. Most have tents and some boats.

Rating: 3 out of 5