Sea to Summit X-Pot

This is our X-Pot while we are cooking

The Sea-to-Summit X-Pot is a fabulous piece of equipment. It has collapsible silicon sidewalls that allow the pot to flatten to almost nothing for storage. It has a lid that has holes, which makes it perfect for boiling and draining pasta. It is a great pot for one-pot meals- whether that be a mix of pasta and veggies or sausage, peppers and potatoes. And it is easy to clean.

You just have to be sure of two things:

  1. Be careful to get the pot centered on the burner
  2. Be careful when holding the silicon wings when lifting it

This pot is perfectly small for packing but big enough to make a meal for two or three people, very versatile and well worth the price.


Check it out at Amazon:

Sea to Summit 2.8 Liter X-Pot, Pacific Blue, Large