There are many trails around North-South Lake Campground. Since we were there for a few VERY rainy days and I’m still recovering from a bad ankle sprain, we wanted to be pretty cautious about our hikes. Many of the trails here are along the cliff ledges on the sides of the mountains and have a fair amount of rock scrambling which can be tough when everything is damp.

There is a short hike to a small waterfall just adjacent to the camp and when we got a break in the rain one evening, we decided to check it out. The location is alternately called “Mary’s Glen” and “Ashley Falls”- one being the area you walk through and the other being the destination. There are lots of details about this hike (and lots of others in Central NY) on the CNY Hiking site.

Because it had been raining and this path is essentially along a stream bed, it was pretty wet going with lots of rock hopping. This type of going is standard “easy for kids” stuff in hiking parlance. The walk itself is pretty short (even if a bit slippery or muddy at times) and the falls at the end are a nice reward.

The campground map gives you a pretty good sense of where to start this hike:

North-South Lake Campground Map

North-South Lake Campground Map

Here are some pics from our jaunt: