I have to admit that one of my favorite days at camp is a “lazy day”.  A proper “lazy day” isn’t the same as a “rainy lazy day” because it is likely a beautiful sunny day when you could have chosen to be out doing something else and instead you have chosen to stay here. Often I do this when Tom has chosen to go for a long ride on his bike. 

Here at camp where it is often quiet because most of the other campers are out exploring. 

You can do all sorts of things with the time:

  • Repack gear
  • Nap
  • Read a good book in the hammock
  • Sort through photos taken along the way
  • Revise meal plans
  • Write
  • Draw
  • Listen to the birds sing
  • Plan
  • Listen to the wind breeze through the trees
  • Watch planes and gliders overhead
  • Daydreaming