LakeDurantLatest Stay: August 6-8, 2017
Site: 48
This site is pretty great if you can’t manage to get one of the nice ones along the edge of the water. It’s got more coverage around it than many of the sites and a good view across the hill down to the water.
  • How to book: Reserve America
  • Where: In the Adirondacks, near Blue Mountain Lake
  • # of sites: 56 tent and trailer sites
  • Camp type: New York DEC
  • Bath Situation: There are several small bathhouses along the camp road and one in the loop that serve for sinks and toilets. Like many DEC camps in 2017, they have been freshened up and are decently nice. Look for the paths from the road or the backs of camps to the bathhouses- they can certainly cut down on the walk to get to the bathroom which is great in the rain.  They have recently rebuilt the main bathhouse/showerhouse at this camp and it is superb! This is what shower houses should be. There are about 10 separate shower rooms, all nicely ventilated and spacious, with enough light and both benches and hooks. There is plenty of hot water and you can adjust the temperature yourself. It runs for 4-5 minutes for each button press.
  • Dishwashing: There is a great dishwashing facility at the main bathhouse/showerhouse by the recycling center- it’s not particularly convenient to the sites, which makes it easy to justify putting dirty dishes in the car and washing them in the morning. People do use the water in each loop to wash, though it is strictly forbidden.
  • Store: Can buy firewood and ice at the gate, there is no real store
  • Power/water: No electric, water along the road in various areas
  • Telephone/Wifi: There is little to NO CONNECTIVITY at the camp or for a few miles in any direction- enjoy it, but plan ahead
  • Firepit: Nice concrete basins with backs and metal grids to grill
  • Site base: Mostly dirt and pine needles with some tree roots- can be uneven
  • Amenities: There is a a really nice trail that adjoins this campground and it is a great little lake for paddling in. It is close to Indian Lake and the Northville-Lake Placid trail. If you drive a few miles up the road, you’ll come to Blue Mountain, where you can find Blue Mountain Lake, a few nice little shops and spots to get food and gas and the Adirondack Experience. The Adirondack Experience is an amazing museum that gives you a huge amount of information about how this little slice of paradise came to be and the history of the people here. It is a great place to spend a few hours and learn a lot.
  • Sites: They are mostly wooded, with nice rocks, and the vast majority are along the edge of the lake with direct access to put in your little boat or fish. Some sites are not very deep, so you haven’t got a lot of space to spread out.  What seem to be the best sites (plenty of space, good tree coverage and good access to the water) are: 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 33, 35, 40-43, 45, 49, 50, 51. Not to say that some of the others aren’t also great, these were just the ones we made special note of.
  • Camper Types: The folks who camp here are a mix- there seem to be a bunch of bigger RVs that shove themselves into the spaces and a number of groups of hunter/fisher types. There are also lots of families and kids and cross-generation camping. Sometimes you see groups of kids or through campers on bikes. This is a place that appeals to all.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Nearby: Indian Lake, Northville-Lake Placid Trail, The Adirondack Experience, The Wild Center
  • Campground Map: