There are a couple of fun things I like to search out when on the road camping that aren’t really “camping” activities at all.




The first is the quintessential campground “game room.” I have fond memories of this from camping when I was was young (and an ace at Pinball and PacMac). You don’t find these in the state campgrounds which we typically prefer, so when we stop at a private campground to power up, I always like to check out what kinds of games they’ve got.




Sometimes you’ll find a great old pinball machine or Ms. PacMan. Other times you’ll hit the jackpot and find a game room like the one we encountered here in the ADK- with foosball and air hockey, ping pong and my all-time favorite, Skee Ball. Sure, it may not be the regulation 9-ball or spew a ton of tickets that you can redeem for silly prizes, but it is always fun to find this old style fun & games to rekindle childhood memories and have a good time.




Another thing I often search out when we are in more “resort town” types of places is putt-putt golf. I’m not great at it, but I do love to while an hour or two on the greens playing this game. It doesn’t hurt if the course is pirate or dinosaur themed as so many of them are.


We like to do this late in the day or when it is particularly overcast since the dog has to wait it out by napping in the car while we play.  After a busy day of hiking, he often enjoys having this down time.