One of my favorite times of day to be camping is morning. When camping, you tend to adjust your sleeping habits more to the habits of the sun— earlier to bed and earlier to rise. Waking up in the tiny teardrop, you can see the light of the sun through the window while you feel perhaps the chill of the morning air through the screens and are tucked snuggly under your covers. Maybe you can take a bit of time to bask in that because you’ve got no set plan and schedule for the day ahead.




Once I’m up with a quick visit to the bathhouse and teeth brushing complete, I do what I typically do every morning. I make coffee and tidy up. While I boil the water for pour-over I also start up the Thermacells to clear any bugs from camp. And I wipe down the tables and throw away any little scraps of things from around camp. I shake down the chairs that now have tree bits and I tuck away any equipment we won’t need that day. This is pretty much what I would do at home, except that I’m outside and the coffee is a bit more of a production (and at home, it is more about crumbs and cat hair than about tree gunk).




I like to take deep breaths and smell the scent of the pines. This quiet time is good for meditating or making lists or writing. I enjoy walking around camp and look at the underbrush and the mosses and mushrooms. To note the variety of plants and trees and savor the sights around me. It is also lovely to lay in the hammock and read or write. It reminds me that what I love about being outside in the morning and savoring the outdoor world is something I could do more of at home. This feeling does not need to be unique to camping. Even if you have a set plan for the day, this is a time to take stock and consider the possibilities of what you can do to enjoy this time, this space, this place and make sure you get to savor it all.




(It turns out I’m not the only one who likes to savor morning by spending time in the hammock. Ketu thinks this is prime time for snuggling and duck watching and planning for the next kayak trip.)