Whenever you are traveling in the ADK or along the Maine coast, you can find “souvenir” pillows and pouches in shops along the way that are filled with Balsam Fir so you can take that forest smell home with you. I’m a sucker for these little guys. They smell SO good.

I can’t help but buy more whenever I come across one that has an especially cute design. So we have enough of them to have them tucked into the corners of the camper and the couches and beds at home. They seem to keep for a long time.

I find that this reinforces that outdoor forest smell in the camper, which complements the smell of the birch and cedar wood that are natural to the camper interior and such a joy for the senses. It makes for lovely sleeping.

And to have a bit of it around the house when you get home is a nice reminder of vacation and being out in the woods.