When you are camping it can be a good thing to start the day with a really great breakfast. It gives you energy for the day and whatever you plan to do and that makes everything else easier.

One of my favorite breakfasts is to get some good bread and make French Toast. Along with some fruit and some bacon or sausage, it makes for a hearty meal and that bit of maple syrup reminds you of the outdoors where you are savoring it.

What we bring to make this:

  • bread (enough for everybody to have a couple of slices)
  • eggs (usually 1 per slice)
  • milk (we wing it on how much- a bit more than you’d use for scrambled eggs)
  • butter
  • a bit of cinnamon (it’s not absolutely NECESSARY, but it is NICE)
  • real maple syrup
  • fresh fruit to top (bananas, berries, peaches- whatever you have)
  • bacon or breakfast sausage for a bit of protein


Here’s how you make this (as if you didn’t already know!):

I usually cook the breakfast meats first, since it is less essential that they are hot when you serve.

Cut up the bread into slices.

IMG_4995I use one of our pans to mix up the eggs, milk and cinnamon.

IMG_4994I put a bit of butter in the larger frying pan and while I do that, I soak the slice of bread in the egg/milk mixture. Then I put the bread in the frying pan and wait until the eggs are clearly cooked on the underside before flipping the slice and putting in a bit more butter. If I can fit it in the pan, I cook two slices at a time.

IMG_4996When each slice is done, I put it between two plates using my usual method for keeping something warm while I continue to cook more slices.

When all the slices are cooked, I plate the food by slicing up the fruit on top and serving with the breakfast meat on the side. A little maple syrup to top it off and you have French Toast just like at home!