For the longest time, we’ve struggled with clotheslines. Some camps freak out if you string up a clothesline. And that is understandable— it is probably the most often seen item that gets left behind. And you can both damage the trees and cause physical damage to people with traditional clotheslines tied up between trees.

Often it’s hard to find two trees the right distance away from one another for the length of line you planned to use. And if you are planning for just a short overnight trip, they are often a hassle to put up and take down relative to the time you’ll use them.

Then we found Looprope- which we didn’t have an exact purpose for when we bought, but we’ve found to be useful for any number of things.


Looprope is a stretchy strong piece of rope with loops along it. It’s about 6 ft. long and has a heavy carabiner at one end. It’s super easy to hook around a tree big or small or hang between two trees that are close to one another. And then the loops can be used to hook in towels or clothes to dry. Or to hang things around camp, like a light or other gear.


For us, this is a quick and easy solution to the clothesline problem for a short trip where you aren’t going to have lots of towels, bike clothes, running clothes and other things to hang and dry out. And great to use when you think you might see rain and need to take it down quick!