Some of the best camping to be had is when there are warmish days and chilly cold nights. Years ago, when we first started exploring the Adirondacks and then when we first went to the Maine coast, you could depend on finding that on any given trip even in the middle of the summer. In more recent years, the weather has been warm to hot wherever you go during the high months of vacation. We always pack some cold weather gear, but it has been rare that we’ve really needed to use it much. 

This year we’ve lucked into some of that weather that we remember from the early days of Adirondack camping. The days have been in the 70s or low 80s and the nights have been between 45 and 65. It is perfect weather to sit by a campfire and to pull on a plaid flannel shirt or a puffy sweater. You might grab a pair of wool long underwear or some socks to keep your toes warm (and you are camping, so no one is going to say anything about socks and Birkenstocks).  It’s the kind of weather where you snuggle under the blankets in the camper and roll closer to each other and the dog to take advantage of the body heat. Where you are thankful for that alpaca throw you bought at the eco store in town and how snug and soft and warm it is to be wrapped in it, even sitting in the camp midday with a cold breeze blowing through. Where the dog sits and shivers until you get him his fleece or wrap him in a blanket or snuggle him up in your arms. Where you are reluctant to get out of bed in the morning and can see the heat rise from the cup of coffee you use to warm your fingers. This is ideal camping weather and perfect for sleeping amongst the trees. 

Yes, you can get some of this by going camping in the fall or even in the spring, but it’s always lovely when you get that sense of the Northern Woods having just come from the crazy heat of summer in NYC.