S’mores have always been a camping favorite. The mix of toasted marshmallow and melty chocolate between graham crackers is a delectable mix. 

But recently we have tested some different types of cookies for the crusts and various types of flavored chocolates for the insides. And marshmallows. We’ve tested a variety of types of marshmallows as well. 
For a really amazing s’more and a not too hard to come by mix of products to make it, here is my favorite mix:

  • Campfire marshmallows (these are better than most and easier to get than artisanal ones)
  • Dark chocolate with raspberries
  • Anna’s Ginger Thins 

Of course, then there is the question of how you toast your marshmallows and whether you include one or two in the s’more. Are you more of a catch the marshm allow on fire and blow it out until it is charred? Or more of a roll it above the flames until it is toasty through and light brown on the outside and almost falling off the stick? Either is fine and just a matter of preference!