One of the challenges of camping is being able to sleep comfortably. Lots of people don’t camp because the idea of sleeping on the ground or on a mat or even on an air mattress are too much discomfort to consider.

One of the beautiful things about camping in a teardrop is that you are at least off the ground and the bed is enclosed. But in a tiny teardrop like our Silver Shadow, the bed could still be a little too hard, too hot, too damp when it rained and not entirely easy to get in and out of. Over years we worked it out to have new camp mattresses and a thin piece of memory foam and stretchy beech knit sheets where we sewed the bottom of the fitted and flat sheets together so that the bed would be easier to make.

The new T@B comes with its own bedding challenges. We definitely knew that the seat cushions wouldn’t be enough padding for us. The bed itself is both a wide and short Queen size, so not entirely easy to figure out bedding for. We wanted something that would be easy to make and take up so that we could go back and forth between bed/lounge/dinette more easily.

We settled on getting a memory foam mattress that had a zip on cover, so we could trim a few inches off one end, but still have something that could be rolled up and stored without too much fuss. On the bedding front, we decided to try using a Beddy, which is an all in one bedding solution that combines a padded fitted sheet with a soft comforter top and zippers up the side. It has sheet/blanket like panels that come out the sides when the zips are down so that you are still covered. Because we are sleeping wheel to wheel, we found that the Beddy doesn’t quite reach across all the width, so we added some large elastic straps so that we could secure the corners underneath the back cushions. The Beddy also comes with pillowcases and shams for your pillows and is literally the softest bedding I’ve ever seen.

We have found that this combination looks like it is going to work pretty well. We can easily go from dinette to bed in a handful of steps and the bedding pieces can be rolled and strapped to store behind the seatbacks.