Image of flat folded GSI toaster device
Folded up, the GSI toaster is pretty flat

I have to say I was skeptical when we found this GSI “toaster” late last year after the camping season. It was one of those holiday gifts we bought for ourselves in order to have something new and exciting to try out when we got back to camping after the winter. But it was compact and easy to transport, so I thought we’d give it a try. I wasn’t really sure you needed to improve on the butter on one side, toasted in a skillet method that I had been using for years.

GSI toaster device folded and on burner ready to toast
Ready for toast!

This thing is AMAZING!! You just fold it out so that it takes shape, put it on a burner, throw a slice of bread on top and within a minute or so, you are ready to flip it and toast the other side. Just as good as any “real” toaster at home.

Image of bread being toasted on top of device on a stove burner
The mesh heats quickly and evenly to toast the bread super fast

Perfectly toasted break on both sides with no must and no fuss!

This is the pouch that stores the toaster

And it packs flat and comes with a storage pouch to take up almost no space when stored with the rest of your cooking gear.

Toast rounds out the classic bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrown and fruit breakfast

This is a great new option for or fancy-ish breakfasts. It was hard to not toast more bread than we needed just to keep seeing it work.

You can find one here:

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Toaster That’s Collapsible and Hand-Held for Camping