Over the last couple of years, I’ve grown out my hair. My hair was longer than it had been in a while before the pandemic and like many, I decided I didn’t really need to cut it during the pandemic.  I’ve never been one of those campers who brought along a ton of hair products or had to find an outlet for a hairdryer or curling iron. But I did always wash my hair every day because it was short and easy to maintain and a little product kept it fairy tidy. That hasn’t been quite so easy with longer hair. 

Last summer the long hair made for interesting camp hair options. A pony tail was a good way to get it off my neck if it was hot. Braids were also an easy way to keep it pulled back and tidy. But washing it with navy showers every day and then having to brush it all out got to be a lot. Some days I wanted to go with something a little easier and there were a few days when it was so cold out that a navy shower and getting your hair wet seemed like an invitation to getting pneumonia.

That is when I discovered this dry shampoo by Sun Bum, the same folks who make some of my favorite sunscreens. It’s great for being able to spray in your hair and then brush through to make it smell nice and feel clean without having to go through the water and time it would take to wash it. Super easy and camp convenient–I highly recommend this option for days when you have a lot planned and no time to primp. It would also work great for short hair and leaves you with a beachy hair smell. 
Camping inspires ingenuity!