Plate with french toast, strawberries and blueberries with sausage and syrup
French toast and sausage is a good way to soak up delicious local maple syrup

Making camp breakfasts seems to go in one direction or the other—either super simple or over-the-top. Ok, maybe they aren’t really “over-the-top”, but they can be a challenge on one burner (and sometimes on two!) and they definitely take more than one pan and require a bit of extra effort for cleanup. They are infinitely simpler with the two burner stove in the T@B. 

Those fancier breakfasts tend to stick with you longer and help with the energy on a day when you really need as much as you can get to hike or bike or whatever you are going to do while you explore your surroundings. And they are great for days when you are planning to stay around camp and have plenty of time to clean up. What do I mean by “fancy”? Pancakes. French Toast. Bacon, eggs, toast and fried potatoes. You know. The kind of things you’d get if you went out for a nice brunch or were planning a breakfast for company at home. We often serve it with fruit, particularly if we’ve had a chance to stop at a farm stand or pick something up locally. Maine blueberries or fresh picked strawberries or peaches or raspberries or apples go a long way toward making breakfast a celebration and not just a meal. Getting some local fresh maple syrup (or bringing some you had at home) can be a way to make pancakes and french toast extra tasty. Cooking with the T@B means the option of having both of the burners in the camper AND my handy JetBoil stove, so three burners helps get these more complicated meals onto the table both faster and still warm.  

Plate with english muffin breakfast sandwich, peach and coffee
Breakfast sandwiches are hearty and quick

There are also those “hearty” breakfasts that aren’t terribly difficult to make. When I’m trying to use up the English muffins or bagels or buns we’ve brought along, I often cook up some bacon or sausage and make breakfast sandwiches with a bit of cheddar and having toasted the muffins or bagels or buns in a skillet (or on my new “toaster”!), and serve with some fruit. 

bowl with oatmeal, blackberries and raspberries
Oatmeal and fruit – simple and delicious!

For really simple breakfasts where we need something nourishing but easy, quick to eat and clean up after, we typically make oatmeal or maybe some granola. We serve it with berries or fruit and sometimes yogurt. It is delicious and filling and leaves just a couple of bowls and spoons to clean up. Oatmeal packets are easy to pack and can be made by just adding some boiling water. Of course cleaning the sticky oatmeal out of the bowls after breakfast can be a bit difficult, so we often soak them for a bit. These can be great meals for the days when you know you are planning a lunch out or when you are hurrying to get camp cleaned and packed up for a transition day of traveling. Adding fruit can be a way to use up the last of something before it starts to spoil and can give local flavor to something that seems “plain” otherwise. 

Pourover coffee being made with klean kanteen bottles, pourover frames and filters
Making pourover coffee in the T@B

Of course, no breakfast is complete without a good cup of camp coffee!