Goal Zero Crush Light hanging as a Lounge Light

But sometimes, you see something so simple and so obvious and so easy. That is how it was when we came across the hinged clips and using them for hanging your GoalZero Crush Lights to put “lounge lights” in the bedroom.

Like many others, we keep an eye on all the camping mods that others post online. A lot of them aren’t for us. We don’t really “decorate” and we don’t like a lot of throw pillows and we definitely aren’t traveling with live plants, though we understand why those things work for lots of other folks.

We like to boondock in places with lots of trees and with doing that, we are always keeping the use of battery power to as much of a minimum as we can. So we don’t use the lights inside the camper except for the bathroom when we’re off the grid. We lean on using a variety of our other camp lights for times when we’re in the camper and need light.

This mod allows us to use our Crush Lights in a creative way and take advantage of how they pack up small and are easy to recharge with either solar or micro-USB from our Goal Zero Yeti 200x.

Crush Lights hung on either side of the bed in lounge mode

It’s super simple. Just buy and put in the hinged hooks. And then hang the Crush Lights. Instant Lounge. You can read, watch a movie, write, or relax with several levels of soft light. And when you are ready for bed, it packs away in no time as if it was never there.