One of the biggest challenges (and opportunities!) of camping is figuring out the food situation and making sure that everyone is well fed along the way.

Camp cooking gear is one of the biggest areas of investment when deciding to become a serious camper. Figuring out what to cook and how to cook it while you are camping is something as unique as each traveler.

In this section, you can find some tips we’ve learned along the way and some recipes that work for our camping style and might work for yours. Nothing we cook when we camp is too over the top, just simple fare.

With the new T@B, we’re both excited and a little nervous to think about how our camp cooking is going to change. We got so used to cooking outdoors and with just one burner. Sometimes we used the firepit and felt like we were pretty amazing at pulling off the one burner + pit combo, though it often took longer to get dinner on the table than you might want.

Now we have TWO indoor burners and a microwave (well, at least when we have shoreline power, which is rare where we like to camp). We could cook bacon AND eggs at the same time! And we still have our little stove tucked away, so we could cook 3 pots at once if we wanted! We’re going to have to do some testing and see how this is all gonna work out.

The camper even has an propane pass through so that we could use some sort of propane grill off the back or the side of the camper, but we like to keep the gear minimal so that everything fits in the car and the camper without feeling like we brought the whole house with us. We’re not sure when or how we’d use this feature, but it is nice to know it is there.