Well, the 2015 camping season didn’t exactly go as planned.

As we were prepping for the July 4th trip, I was sitting at the picnic table in our backyard prepping some gear and Tom was standing nearby working on cleaning up the back of the camper. Suddenly, the bench I was sitting on collapsed and I fell onto my bad wrist. It hurt pretty badly, but then again, it wasn’t the end of the world. We iced it and I put it in a brace. By the next morning, we decided to go to the urgent care for an x-ray. Of course the doctor on duty wasn’t an orthopedist and he admitted that with all the previous breaks and the plate and the screws in my arm, it was hard for him to tell if anything was really broken. They recommended I keep my arm immobilized until we could get back to my regular wrist surgeon after the holiday. So we went on our trip anyway and decided not to bike and cut back on the hiking. It poured rain while we were away and after a few sopping days and some miserable pain, we cut the trip short and went home. A few days later, my doctor determined that I did indeed have two small wrist fractures.

With my arm still immobilized, we prepared to go on our bigger Maine-New Hampshire trip.  We had a busy time scheduled with my being away to guest lecture and then a quick camping trip with friends to introduce them to tent camping and leaving for Maine a week later. While I was away teaching, my many years of falling asleep to an endless parade of houses for sale on Zillow surfaced that the house of our dreams had just come on the market. We quickly adjusted our weekend camping plans to make time to go see it before we left. We went on that trip in a bit of a fog. We loved the house. It was just the type of mid-century, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house we had always wanted and never thought we’d find. But we already owned a house and weren’t making plans to sell or move. Kicking into high gear, we went back to see the house, we talked to the bank and made an offer on the house and we cancelled our big trip to make sure that we could see it through to contract. We forfeited our deposits and reservations and kept the time off so that we could clean out our possessions and prepare our house to get it on the market if it all worked. It was a harrowing couple of weeks, but it worked. We managed to spend the last few days of our vacation camping in the Catskills and got back to the grid one morning with messages pouring in that the contract had been signed.

Knowing that we were pushing forward to close on the new house quickly and that we’d missed out on having a real vacation and were looking at a super busy fall with both work and the move/sell house efforts, we decided to spend the Labor Day weekend back at Fish Creek Pond in the Adirondacks. We knew it would be the last camping for a while and we really enjoyed that break of camping, relaxing, kayaking and finally having my arm well enough to be back on my bike. After the move, we got the camper setup at the new house and tucked away for out of season storage. We emptied it of most of the gear and put everything away for the winter. The trailer got it’s cover and a nice nap through the winter.