This year is a bit of a “back to basics” kind of camping year. Or maybe you’d call 2016, “the best of the best”.  We’re headed into this season with limited plans for camping this summer. And it’s not that we don’t love to camp. It’s just that after buying a house and having one on the market, we’re kind of happy to stay home this year and not go crazy with the getaways. So we’re planning a handful of trips to make up for and reschedule the vacation we cancelled last minute last year and to see some of our top favorite places nearby. Here’s what we’ve got on the calendar:

  1. A getaway to a favorite spot in the Catskills to start off the season and do the “shake-down”.
  2. A 2-week vacation to Acadia National Park, Maine and the White Mountains of New Hampshire to replace the trip we didn’t make last year. But this time, we’re doing it earlier in the summer to mix things up a bit.
  3. A weekend camp trips to support Tom riding in a biking event and camp with some friends.
  4. A weekend getaway to another favorite spot in NY State- but this time, we couldn’t decide which weekend might worked. So we booked two and we’ll either consider the money a donation or cancel one.
  5. We’re going after Labor Day to our favorite spot in the Adirondacks- just as everyone else is leaving and heading back to work and school, we’ll have a few days to savor before heading into a busy fall of work obligations for both of us.

So we’re getting away to all of our favorite spots, to do our favorite things. And we’re spending lots of time at the homestead between trips this year.