It seems like every year we have a different plan for where to camp and how to camp and sometimes things go the way we want and sometimes they don’t. In 2016, our camping season was thwarted after I broke my wrist while camping. I could still go, but I wasn’t able to bike or kayak and I was nervous about hiking and unable to do everything I wanted. So we didn’t camp as much after I got hurt.

For 2017, we have a philosophy that is more about convenience and exploring and switching things up. We are planning to camp with friends and to use the camper as a means to get there (and get away a little) while visiting family. We have a long trip planned where Tom is going to bike more along the way.  We’re going to a favorite spot for a holiday weekend and planning overall not to push it.

Our usual first trip of the year to shake things out got thwarted by heavy storms and we canceled. We also started this season with having to resolve the big problem at the end of last season where our electric converter box died. Have you ever tried to find an electrician who can work on a teardrop? It’s not an easy task! It took several phone calls and a few tries (and a saw to change the size of the box for the converter) to get the job done. But in the midst of it, we also got a new outdoor power supply installed near where the camper goes and that is a big step forward for being able to make sure we are always charged and ready to go.

So our first “real” trip this year is one with friends and one where we’re already starting to note things that didn’t get back to the camper (where the heck is the dishwashing sink?) or need to be resupplied (more thermacells need to be ordered) and where we are starting to recognize needs for a few new gear items. That shakeout would have been helpful to sort these things before being on a longer trip.

But camping is always an adventure, right? And creative problem solving is a part of the fun. Forgot to bring the extra steel wine glasses? Wine out of coffee mugs is always just as good. And we’ll make lists and restock and for the next trip, we’ll be prepared but have new challenges!