The Silver Shadow, all cleaned up and moved into her summer spot.
The Silver Shadow, all cleaned up and moved into her summer spot.

We had an interesting winter thinking about our camping hopes and dreams. For the last couple of years we’ve been thinking about a slightly larger camper, maybe finding something like a Mini Max or a T@b that would let us have a tiny bath and a way to cook inside if we needed to. We weren’t sure when we’d want to make this change. Then we went to a local RV show and toured one after another giant campers with tvs and recliners and pop-outs galore. We were somewhat appalled that there are people who consider this “camping.” We even had a brief flirtation with the idea of eventually having a small motorhome. Then we had a moment to think about the math of this with our current camp-style where we go out 6 or so times a year.

All of this made us think about what it is that we like about camping. We like sitting outside. We like making simple meals and eating by candlelight. We like enjoying a glass of wine by a fire and watching the stars. We like snuggling up together in the camper and sleeping comfortably. We like making coffee in the morning and listening to the birds. We like exploring new places and going hiking, biking and kayaking. We like that it is different than home.

And really, as we looked at other types of camping, we fell in love with our little Silver Shadow all over again. It’s a lovely little trailer, well made and well suited to our needs. Our investment in it is relative to its use. We don’t have to camp every weekend to feel like we are getting the most out of it. It is there when we want it and easy to pack up and go. And it makes for a nice napping spot and extra galley when we are entertaining at home.

So back in the winter we planned a few anchor trips for this year. We explored getting back to some favorite camps and spots and mixing it up. We made lots of bookings and plans.

Then one day some pain I had in a wrist I broke badly 5 years ago became suddenly really bad. It turns out I re-broke a bone and tore some ligaments and needed surgery to repair it. So I spent the spring recovering in a cast and trying to get by with one hand. We are getting a late start to camping this year and making accommodations for the things I can’t do. I’ll still be in a cast and unable to drive or use my hand for our first trip. I won’t be able to bike or kayak for a while. And I absolutely can’t risk a fall on an outstretched hand right now. So it is going to be an interesting camping season.

arm in a black fiberglass cast
I am spending the spring in a cast over my elbow and unable to rotate my wrist.

Of course the other theme of our camping this year could be considered “Camping 2.0”. There are lots of little things that we have been trying out and testing that are next generation for things we’ve done or tried before. We’ve got a new stove and new thermacells. We’re trying a new bellows for the fire. And we are in constant search for that next generation of camp chairs that are just perfect. We’ll let you know how all of this tests out!