We typically get lots of questions about our Teardrop camper. People often invite themselves into our camp to ask or wander around hoping to be invited in.

We’re not sure that there will be nearly as many questions about the T@B. They are pretty popular these days and it isn’t nearly as questionable how you make it work to camp in.

Here are some of the most popular questions we’ve gotten over the years about camping with the Silver Shadow:

Why so little? Don’t you want more space?

It’s actually plenty big inside for sleeping and overall it is sized just right for what we need and enables us to get out more than we might otherwise.

Is it easy to tow?

Yes, super easy. It takes about five minutes to get it hooked up. You can move it by hand with one or two people if the car isn’t positioned exactly right. You can barely feel it behind the car. It can be a little difficult to back up and it definitely increases your turning circle, but overall easy.

Is that for your dog?

Yes and no. It’s for us to sleep in. The dog sleeps there too. Sometimes when we stop along the way, it makes a nice nap spot for the dog while we go inside. We can open the windows and turn on the fan so he stays nice and comfortable if it isn’t too hot outside.

Where do you sleep?

There is a full queensize bed inside that is quite comfy. We use a memory foam cover on the mattress and it is much better than any camping air mattress.

Where do your feet go?

The bed extends under the shelf and there is plenty of room for your feet (unless maybe you wear a size 13 shoe).

What do you hate about it?

It can be tough when it is raining for multiple days straight. A day or two of rain is an adventure that you can manage. A week of heavy rain is bad in a tent and only slightly better in this. Making the bed while you are in it without opening the doors is hard. Getting your shoes on to get right out into the rain to go to the bathroom at night is hard. For ventilation, you may want to open the windows a little, which inevitably leads to damp bedding.