Camping with our Apple devices is a bit of our thing. They save us on space (the phone is a camera! the iPad can be our movie/tv center AND a source lots of reading material!) and make our camping lives easier.

There are some key apps we use to make our camping lives easier to organize and prepare for.  Here are some favorites:


As we prepare for a camping season or a big trip, we put all of our campground confirmations as notes into a travel notebook in Evernote. We always sync this notebook amongst both of our iPhones and iPads and then set the notebook to be readable offline. This is great because it means that we both have access to all of our notes. We’ll also include images of maps, articles about places to go and anything else we need to reference along the way. It’s perfect for making sure you ALWAYS have a copy of the dog rabies vaccination certificate.


Nozbe is a great to-do list and if you pay for the service, an easy to share and assign list as well. We both use Nozbe separately to manage our own lists at work and for our hobbies.  But for household chores, camp preparations, checklists, vacation planning and other things where you need to share- it is perfect. This level of organization makes it much easier for us to get out the door without having forgotten anything and much happier camping.

“Load movies/tv” is one of our packing list items and always among the stuff we do the night before a trip. We love lying in the teardrop at night with an iPad propped against the mirrored cabinet and watching something as we get sleepy. If it’s been a long day, maybe it’s just a quick repeat of a beloved sitcom. Or if we have time and inclination, it’s likely a funny movie. Often at home when we aren’t traveling, we’ll have “trailer movie night” and get a pizza and eat pizza and watch a movie in the trailer. It’s better than the drive-in and snugglier too!

Here are some favorites for camper watching:

  • Better Off Ted
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Firefly
  • Warehouse 13
  • Moonrise Kingdom

We also find that ebooks are a great resource for being able to take along as many guidebooks as you need and you can capture screenshots of key maps and hiking instructions to make it easier to have those handy on your phone on the trail. Plus they are great for having some novels handy to read while you lie in the hammock or hang out on a rainy afternoon.

Some guides we are using on our trips in the Adirondacks include:

  • Five-Star Trails in the Adirondacks
  • Best Tent Camping in New York State
  • Good ‘Ol Fish Creek
  • Discover the Adirondacks