After more than 25 years of camping together, we finally decided to stop pretending that camping was just a temporary thing we do in the summer and recognize that it is part of our lifestyle. The camper is something we use when we travel, but also a part of our outdoor life at home and something we use from the spring through the fall. It’s a place to nap and write and read and relax as well as a place to sleep and eat when we’re on the road.

When we decided in the spring of 2020 to buy a T@B 320 S, we realized that NuCamp had just made some serious upgrades to the 2021 T@B 320 vs. the 2020 models. It had a new modern look, a different kind of AC and fridge, a microwave and a cassette toilet in the bath. We weren’t sure at first if we preferred the older one, which seemed more classic and like our Silver Shadow or the newer one and the modern style. We pretty quickly read up on all the features and decided that the 2021 and its new features were right for us.

So let’s show you around our T@B 320 S.

Let’s go inside first. When you step up into the T@B, the first thing you see is the dinette/bed area. It’s a great little u-shaped dinette with an infinitely adjustable Lagun table that works well for dining, for food prep, or as a desk or even a coffee table. It swivels and adjusts into a variety of positions. The side benches slide out and the cushions adjust so that you can move one or both sides into “bed mode.”

When you make it up into a bed, you can leave the back cushions in a couple of positions that make for a nice lounge area if you want to read or watch TV. We find that using one of the back cabinets as a “drink shelf” works okay. We prefer to put all the cushions down and turn wheel to wheel for sleeping so that we don’t hit our heads on the back cabinets and it is a little easier to get out. There are two cabinets in the back above the dinette and a couple of storage spaces behind the seatbacks that are great for storing towels and bedding when you want to use the dinette instead of the bed.

Above the dinette/bed is the entertainment system, the TV and a microwave that works if you have shore power along with some handy storage areas and the controls for the heating system and AC. There is also some storage under a couple of the seats, though most of that space is for the electrical, heat, hot water and AC systems. But there is enough space to store our camp chairs and hammocks and our little folding tables.

In the front of the T@B is the kitchenette. There is a sink, a push-button 2-burner LP stove and a relatively efficient 12v fridge that works on either shore power or the battery. There are two big cabinets for storing cooking and camping and cleaning gear as well as a handy drawer for small things you might need to grab inside or out. Above the counter are two more small cabinets and some pocket storage above the door, which we find handy for lights and bug spray and dog gear.

Next to the kitchenette is the wet bath. There is a cassette toilet, a small sink and the handle for that becomes the shower when moved to the wall mounting. It is perfect for being completely self-contained. There is a 19 gallon freshwater tank, an 18 gallon grey water tank and the cassette for the toilet is a 5 gallon tank.

The three windows have a screen/shade system that let you choose how much air and light you want to let in while protecting you from rain. There are LED lights throughout and a fan above to pull air through the trailer. There are also both 110 and 12v outlets in the back and under the sink and a 110 on one of the dinette seats.

And walking around the outside, you’ll see more features.

From the front, you can see the new aluminum tongue box. This is where the propane tank and marine battery are stored, but it also has space for your hitching gear and tools, power cables and hose. Also on the front of the trailer you can see the solar panel above the front window. This allows our battery to recharge from the sun while we camp.

On one side you can see the systems areas–for emptying the cassette, for plugging in the shoreline and for venting the heating system. Also in this area is the Nautilus water management port, where you can manage all of the water systems for filling and emptying. Next to that is the outdoor shower, which has access to both the hot and cold water–perfect for washing the dog or your gear or getting sand off your feet.

The new T@B 320 S has a more distinct profile in the back with the lights and has heftier handles on all four corners, because this is a trailer you can move by hand if you need to adjust your position on a site. There are stabilizer jacks underneath.

On the entry side, there is the classic T@B door with the trash and fire extinguisher and the screen door that pulls across and allows you to leave the door open and the bugs outside. There is a nice pullout step that is always lit to help you find your way in the dark and a porch light. The side of the trailer has another lagun attachment in case you want to move the table outside to be used there and there are power plugs next to it. There are also keder rails along the sides that let you add a variety of awnings.

How big is it you ask? Well, it’s 15’3″ long and 6’8″ wide. It’s 7’8″ high. It weighs 1,908 lbs. With the addition of trailer brakes, it tows behind our 2018 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited and with the 7-pin hookup, the car will also charge the battery as we drive between camps. Overall, it is a perfect little studio apartment on wheels that can be used with or without hookups so you can camp anywhere, any time.