I develop ebooks for a living- some of them pretty tame and others very cutting edge. For the last several years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how books can and should and will be different as they take advantage of the opportunities afforded by a transition to digital. I constantly think about the compromises we make to get content onto print pages and make that a good experience and think about what you could do differently with different constraints.

I’ve had lots of ideas for books of my own over the years and I’ve always known that I “had a book in me.” For a few years now, I’ve been working on an idea for an interactive ebook about camping. But it’s not just a book about camping, it’s a gear guide with reviews and comparisons and ways to buy gear. It’s a compendium of places to get information and learn. It has video and audio and slideshows and recommendations. There will be something for the avid camper, something for the armchair traveler and something for the Teardrop fanatic.  It will be unlike any book you’ve read before!

Originally I had a plan for my book, Teardrop Traveling, to be scheduled for release in mid-April 2014 and I planned to self-publish it. But life happens. In November of 2013, while on a business trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany, I suffered a terrible fall and shattered my wrist. While I recovered from surgery that put the bones back together with plates, I overused my other hand and had to have surgery for carpal tunnel and trigger thumb. In the summer of 2015, we put off a serious camping/research trip because we had suddenly found the house of our dreams and decided to move. In the summer of 2016, I broke my other wrist just a few days into a big camping trip where I planned to do a lot of writing. It is now the summer of 2019 and though I still have every intention to write the book, I’m not sure when I’ll have it done. I re-broke a bone in my wrist and haD more surgery this spring. Getting back to writing and camping is a long haul. In the meantime, I collect thoughts and ideas and photos and use some of it to populate this blog.

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